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tumblarno asked: Hey, what about Bobby's World or The Kids from Room 402? I would say Get Along Gang, but they're animals... lol

I hadn’t thought of Bobby’s world!!! That’s a great idea!!

kittykatwhackattack asked: Hey Izzy, I just saw on my dashboard that bear-claw tagged you in that stupid white-washing and fat/skinny thing and it's ridiculous! Izzy just keep drawing what you wanna draw and don't let him or anyone else tell you that its wrong or criticize you. In my opinion your art is AMAZING! I love it its truly incredible, all of your art is incredible! So don't let him or anyone else bring you down an just know your fans support and love you 100% have a great life!

Thank you so much! Really!

official-kido-tsubomi asked: sorry im just having trouble finding it but which is the character you supposedly whitewashed?

My Penny Proud drawing.

You can read what happened HERE. I warn you though, it gets pretty ridiculous.

All artwork by me, Isaiah K Stephens! It's my dream to make a living writing books and drawing characters!

This is my art blog! For the most part, I only post my own art. ocassionally, I'll post a funny gif or video :p I draw both Fanart and OC's! Basically anything I feel like drawing. If you have any questions, requests or suggestions drop by my ask!

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