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megal0ceros asked: Just out of curiosity, and I mean absolutely no offense by it, but why do you draw all your "grown up" characters like super models? All the guys are buff and all girls perfect dolls, there isn't much variation.

No offense taken. Many people have said that I draw these characters to be TOO GOOD LOOKING. You are not the only one.

The way I see it is, most (if not all) of these characters hold a special place in my heart. I grew up with them. I LOVE ‘EM. The entire “All Grown Up” series is simply me paying homage to these characters that I am so fond of. So i try to make each piece as aesthetically pleasing as possible. At least from my point of view.  

I add variation when its needed. I.E, larger frames, different body types, distinguishing features. etc. But I always try and stay true to the character. Most of the cartoons that I’ve re-imagined have never been called downright ugly. So why would I draw them that way?


The Addams Family - Cousins Edition
We all know Wednesday Addams, but how much do you know about her creepy cousins?!

Sunday Addams is a secret whiz-kid who’s the result of a many illegal scientific experiments.
Monday Addams is scatterbrained but lovable girl who has an unusual psychic abilities from an equally unusual incident.
Tuesday Addams is a grim Criminal Psychologist who is the best at everything they do and who WILL let you know.
Thursday Addams is a lover of all things arachnid and who also happens to have created a giant carnivorous black widow spider.
Friday Addams is a girls who’s days include hangovers and who’s nights contain partying, drugs, an occasional ass kicking.
Saturday Addams is a seductive, hyper-violent vigilante who’s driven by an extreme case of misandry, and wanders the world avenging wronged women.

PS. None of these are real! I made all of these characters up as an excuse to draw different versions of Wednesday Addams :)


Finishing up “All Grown Up”

My “All Grown Up” series will soon come to a close. Once I finish “Fairly Odd Parents”, i will be drawing:

Codename Kids Next Door
Bobbys World
Danny Phantom
Ben 10
Beavis butt head
Teen titans
Dora and Diego
Jimmy neutron
Xiaolin showdown
Winx club

AND I’LL STOP IT! That’d be 31 shows in total, i think the internet is getting sick of me (there are seriously negative comments out there)! lol

All artwork by me, Isaiah K Stephens! It's my dream to make a living writing books and drawing characters!

This is my art blog! For the most part, I only post my own art. ocassionally, I'll post a funny gif or video :p I draw both Fanart and OC's! Basically anything I feel like drawing. If you have any questions, requests or suggestions drop by my ask!

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